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Turn-key Virtual Hosting and Email Forwarding
With turn-key virtual hosting and email forwarding you can choose your own domain is as easy as pointing your A and MX records at our servers. With zero configuration, the CliqCafe servers will begin hosting your website and forwarding the email traffic for your domain to your existing email account.
Know Your Visitors
With the CliqCafe visitor log, you can see the details of every HTTP request that is made to your website. You can find out instantly if someone has read you latest blog or viewed an image you uploaded. Check your visitor log at anytime to see the details of your visitors including their IP, locale, and user-agent.
They are Your Users, Not Ours
Gain true control over your user base through CliqCafe user management. You can delete and edit accounts, create sub-groups, export the user database, and even create pay for use plans to charge for membership to your network.
Use CliqMobile from your mobile phone to access many of the CliqCafe features including notes, member profiles, news, events, and media galleries while on the go.
Comprehensive Feature Set

Virtual Hosting
Dues Management

Email Forwarding
RSS Feeds

Excel and CSV Exports

Visitor Tracking and Reports
File Hosting

2.07GB Stored    6,807 File(s)    267 Groups    5,245 Accounts